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10 reasons for sculpting seeds instead of people or animals.

  1. I love plants and seeds are their babies 
  2. They were on earth before animals and are the source of oxygen.
  3. Seeds are beautiful and have surprising forms that do not exist at our scale.
  4. Seeds are all around us, minuscule, and trees and plants produce millions.
  5. They seem banal but hide a concentration of life, possibly immense trees.
  6. They are the basis of our nutrition: wheat, rice, corn, sprouts; they are filled with vital nutrients.
  7. Symbolically they represent the future.
  8. They die in order to give birth to the plant, which will in turn produce a new generation of seeds; they are part of an evolutionary cycle.
  9. Making them bigger opens up a new and mysterious world, close to abstraction but also to the natural state.
  10. In this sad epoch of accelerating extinction of nature’s species I want to be a witness of the beauty and richness of plants.
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